Foot and Ankle Center of Clarksburg,WV

If you’re suffering from any kind of foot or ankle pain and you’re looking for doctors in Clarksburg WV, let the Foot and Ankle Center of Clarksburg with Dr. Bryan W. Danhires, Podiatrist, help you.

Dr. Bryan W. Danhires, Podiatrist

Trust your care to one of the leading podiatrists in the Clarksburg, WV, area by contacting the foot and ankle clinic of Dr. Bryan W. Danhires. Finally, you can feel relief from your pain. 


Foot pain can be anything from a bunion issue to skin conditions, like warts.if you're looking for an escape from sore feet, let Dr. Danhires help you.


Ankle pain, from mildly annoying to horribly painful, can be the result of many different reasons. If you’re experiencing ankle problems, and you live in the Clarksburg, WV, area come see Dr. Danhires.

Foot Pain

There are a multitude of reasons why you might be experiencing foot pain.To find out why, see Dr. Danhires for a diagnosis today

Ankle Pain

Ankle problems can produce some of the worst kind of pain. Whether it’s from repetitive use or a sudden trauma, let the Foot and Ankle Center of Clarksburg help you.


If you need an experienced podiatrist to help you with your foot and ankle pain be sure to contact Dr. Danhires to find relief.

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