Bunions and Other Foot Problems

Beyond Bunion Pain …

If you’re a woman, then you or a female friend will have bunion pain at some point in your life. The reason is half of all women experience a bunion and most often because of tight fitting footwear. Still, there are a number of foot conditions that men and women can experience at any given time. If you’ve got feet problems that don’t seem to be getting any better, consider a call to Dr. Danhires for a medical consultation. Call us: 304-931-2111.

Common Feet Problems To Consider

So what foot conditions are there?  Several actually, like neuropathy (nerve issues the results in tingling and/or burning pain), arch & ball problems, foot injuries, deformities, nail issues, toe issues and skin problems. Of these complications, the top issues include the following:

•    bunions (misaligned big toe joints often from wearing narrow, tight shoes),
•    hammertoe (toe looks like a claw from muscle imbalance),
•    heel spurs (growths of bone created when the plantar tendon pulls at the heel bone),
•    ingrown nails (caused by toenails that dig into the corners and sides of the toe), s
•    esamoiditis (pain on the leg bone caused by inflamed tendons or muscles),
•    heel pain,
•    shin splints and
•    stress fractures

If you’ve got any of these feet problems, or you’re not sure why you have pain, contact Dr. Danhires at the Foot and Ankle Center of Clarksburg, WV, today.

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