Foot Surgery

In-Office Foot Surgery in Clarksburg, WV

While most foot surgery is handled by podiatric surgeons, there are smaller foot surgical procedures that can be done by a podiatrist in the regular office. Sometimes they involve using a local anesthetic, so the patient doesn’t feel any pain to the probl
Some Types of Foot Surgery Can Be Done In-Office

While it’s true that podiatric surgeons have to handle more extensive treatments, there are some procedures that can be done right in the office or don’t require surgery at all. At other times, it’s helpful to see a podiatrist after your surgery.  For example, a podiatrist can prescribe orthotic devices for things like abnormal walking or follow-up treatments to surgery. In addition to orthotics, a podiatrist can take x-rays to make sure you’re not experience side effects from surgery, like infections. X-rays are also helpful to identify issues like arthritis or similar bone diseases. A podiatrist can also handle minimal incision surgical techniques for removal of conditions like corns, warts, etc. In addition, they can provide you advice on cosmetic surgical options. 

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Foot Surgery Follow-Ups

After foot surgery you usually have to keep your foot immobilized. There are many things that could be recommended, like a bandage, surgical shoe, splint, cast or an open sandal. Quite often your surgeon wants you to engage in post-operative exercise of the foot and legs to aid your recovery. Furthermore, additional treatments, those beyond surgery, might be in order to help with your healing and recovery. Again, that’s where a podiatrist helps. If you need follow-up care, or you’re not sure about the causes of foot pain you feel, Dr. Danhires at Foot and Ankle Center of Clarksburg, WV can help you with a medical consultation today.