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How Can You Find a Podiatrist in Clarksburg, WV?

If you’re in WV and you’re want to find a podiatrist, contact Foot and Ankle Center of Clarksburg. Whether it’s wart removal, foot pain or ankle injuries, Dr. Bryan W. Danhires is ready to help you with your ankle and feet problems.
Podiatrist Dr. Danhires Helps With Foot Pain

First, what is a podiatrist? The short answer is he/she a doctor of podiatric medicine, or in other words… a foot doctor. They treat foot pain, ankle injuries and anything that deals with that lower extremity. Some of the foot problems they often see include sprains, fractures, bunions, heel spurs and infections. Maybe you know that already but you’re not sure what happens when you see a podiatrist. If that’s the case read on to learn more about Dr. Danhires’ practice.

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What Happens Next At the Office?

 There are many things a podiatrist might do. The first step is to diagnose the issue you have. This is done by a physical inspection and possible tests (like ultrasounds, x-rays, etc.) or lab work.  From there, he’ll treat the condition, perform a surgery (often in-office) or suggest a podiatric surgeon depending on the severity of your medical needs. In some cases, issues can be corrected using shoe inserts called orthotics. Other orthotics type therapy might include braces, canes, etc.  If you think you’re in need of a foot doctor, contact Dr. Bryan Danhires, podiatrist, at his office Foot and Ankle Center of Clarksburg by calling or emailing today.

Call us: 304-931-2111